Hi there! Welcome to Wunder-Bear Creations! We believe in celebrating life and all the wunderful things that go along with it!

We are a husband and wife duo on a mission to help others appreciate & celebrate all the special moments and milestones in life. In 2016 we had the amazing and totally life-altering experience of becoming parents, and things have been a whirlwind ever since. We have experienced major career changes, (including walking away from a six-figure income) all in the name of creating the best possible work/family life balance for ourselves and our two beautiful children. We don’t just want to coast through life, too busy to appreciate the small things. We want to be there as best we can for every small moment and milestone.

At Wunder-Bear Creations we know that it’s not just about making a cute T-shirt or gift, or finding the perfect Clipart for your child’s birthday party invitation…(even though we want you to find and create all those things!) Really, it’s about celebrating your family and your children with that extra splash of INTENTION and creativity which makes for such special, Wunder-filled memories.

Thanks for visiting our shop, and Happy Creating!!

Our logo is based on the innocence of the childhood spirit (the lamb) wrapped in the imagination of the human spirit (the bear suit). Deep right? Wunder-Bear is also just adorable!

Send us an email! You can reach me at matt@wunderbearcreations.com