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Truth time. I’m not a great designer. I’m ok but need your help to grow this community! Here’s the plan.

I give away my designs for free to build an email list and network of customers that want to buy your files. You post your files and I promote them to the community.

You make a sale and get paid and we earn a commission on each sale. We also build an affiliate network to market your designs. You make a sale and you get paid, the affiliate gets a commission, and we get a commission.

Come help us build this business and share your amazing talents with our community!

Join our Community of Leather Patter Designers​

PDF Leather is  a digital marketplace for leathercrafters to buy professionally designed patterns and a place for pattern designers to sell their design directly to customers.

  • Start your store for FREE! No subscription costs. You get paid when we get paid.
  • Earn 75% of each sale
  • Enjoy our network of affiliates that market your products. Profit split; 50% to designer, 25% to affiliate, and 25% to PDF Leather Patterns.
  • Set your pricing! Create discounts and promotions.
  • Sell on multiple platforms! We want you to be successful and we know that means you need to sell wherever you can.
  • Get invited to our exclusive Facebook group for designers.

Designer Dashboard

Just like website like ETSY you will have a designer dashboard to track all your sales and views.

Search month to month or view weekly sales.

Easily track orders and sales with our sales graph. You can drill down and find out exactly what is selling and when!

Create Discounts

You can easily create discount on your shop.

Run a sale on specific products and set a time limit!

Want to give out individual promo codes? Easily create them with your own code!

Get Paid

Design and get paid! No fees! You earn 75% of every sale or 50% if an affiliate helps sell your design! Here’s an example

Your Design: $10.00

Your Commission: $7.50 (No PayPal fees) or $5.00 if an affiliate helps bring customers to you!

You can request a payout at anytime! Get your money when you need it!


There is absolutely no monthly fee for listing your items. Unlike ETSY, we don’t make you pay to post your listings. Posting designs is 100% FREE! When only get paid when you get paid. We want you to be successful so we can be successful! Simple right?

Power In Numbers

Tap into our affiliate network of markets who want to sell your designs! An Affiliate is basically someone who shares your designs on blogs and social media to earn commissions. Affiliates are used by fortune 500 companies like Amazon to reach a larger audience. As a designer on PDF Leather Patterns, you will have an army of marketers to help sell your files!

Here's the plan...

You make awesome designs. I attract customers with my free designs and get ranked on Google search. I build an email list to market your products. They buy your designs and we both win!!!

Apply today now to start selling your designs!




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Need help uploading your designs?

We will upload all of your designs for you for FREE! Once you have your shop setup, send us a message with a link to your files and promotional materials and we will do the rest!